It Took “BJ Minhee” Only 1 Day to Make What She Earned in 7 Years as a Member of Stellar

BJ stands for “broadcast jockey” in Korea.

In recent days, a post titled, “Minhee’s Earnings on Her First Day of Being a BJ” became a hot topic of conversation in online communities.


Last May, former Stellar member, Minhee debuted as a broadcast jokey on AfreecaTV under the name, ABOUT MINI.

On her broadcast, she talks about all sorts of things including the hard times she went through as an idol.

And on her first day, she collected 100,000 “star balloons” which can be exchanged for 10 million won (~$8300 USD).

Although 40% of it goes to fees, that’s still a large amount to make in a day.

Another former Stellar member, Gayoung once confessed, “In the 7 years we were active in Stellar, each of us made around 10 million won total.

That means Minhee earned the same amount of money in a day as a broadcast jokey as opposed to 7 years as a member of Stellar, and netizens are understandably shocked at the reveal.

Here’s hoping Minhee’s channel continues to succeed!



Source: Dispatch