Fans Notice BLACKPINK’s Completely Relatable Way To Get Comfortable At The 2022 MTV VMAs

There was an unexpected outfit change.

BLACKPINK took the world by storm when they attended the 2022 Video Music Awards (VMAs). Not only did the group take home an award for the “Best Metaverse Performance” with BLACKPINK The Virtual PUBG, and Lisa won for “Best K-Pop” with her solo “LALISA,” but the members also received acknowledgment for their incredible performance of “Pink Venom.”


Netizens were especially impressed with BLACKPINK’s live vocals during the performance, along with their captivating energy and powerful dancing.

Of course, fans were also in awe of BLACKPINK’s visuals at the event, with the members rocking all-black outfits.

| @Variety/Twitter

While BLACKPINK looked incredible in their elegant clothes and high heels, fans noticed an adorable change to their wardrobe in a behind-the-scenes clip of the girl group with Brazillian singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Anitta.

During the VMAs, BLACKPINK introduced Anitta’s incredible performance, praising the talented singer for her accomplishments.

Backstage, Anitta and BLACKPINK were both excited to see each other, posing for some pictures together.

But since they were meeting backstage, fans noticed that Anitta and BLACKPINK had both decided to get more comfortable, with Anitta discarding her shoes entirely and BLACKPINK changing into comfy crocs and slides.

BLACKPINK with Anitta | @Blackpink_vote1/Twitter

Fans found the outfit change all too relatable and endearing.

And were glad that BLACKPINK was able to prioritize their comfort.