Ariana Grande Had One Request When She Saw BLACKPINK’s Photo With Producer Tommy Brown

She let her inner BLINK out with her request!

When Ariana Grande saw producer Tommy Brown‘s latest photo with BLACKPINK she had one request from him and BLINKs are loving it!


BLACKPINK have recently been spotted spending some time with Tommy Brown, an American record producer who has worked extensively with Ariana Grande. Tommy has been posting all sorts of photos with BLACKPINK including this cute cherry blossom filter one!


The adorable photo certainly got a whole lot of love and fans went wild when they saw Jisoo welcoming him as the new member of BLACKPINK!


But there was one person who was feeling a bit left out of the photo! Ariana also saw the cute picture and after showing it some love, she also asked Tommy to photoshop her into the picture!


BLINKs were already loving the fact that she asked to be photoshopped in the photo but things got even better because shortly after Ariana made her request, Tommy came back with a new photo featuring Ariana!

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Sry here’s the real one

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After uploading the new picture, Jennie dropped a comment tagging Tommy and Ariana saying she missed them already to which Ariana playfully said it was good seeing them!


The whole interaction on Instagram has not only been cracking BLINKs up hard but it’s also been making BLINKs cross their fingers for a collaboration. Previously, Tommy, BLACKPINK, and YG Entertainment producer Teddy Park met up for dinner sparking hope for collaboration. And with these latest interactions between BLACKPINK, Tommy, and Ariana, fans are even more hopeful that something could happen!