Ariana Grande’s Response To A Collab Request With BLACKPINK Has BLINKs Everywhere Celebrating

Ariana renewed hope in a collaboration with BLACKPINK!

Ever since fans found out that Ariana Grande is a fan of BLACKPINK and wanted to meet up with them during Coachella, everyone has been crossing their fingers that they will come together to do a collaboration. And with a single response to a collab question, Ariana renewed everyone’s hope that they could work together soon.


On July 23, Ariana was asked whether or not she would ever consider doing a collaboration project with BLACKPINK…


And her answer was…drumrolls please…yes! But it wasn’t just any yes, Ariana had fans everywhere giving their approval with her amazing answer!


The conversation has since gone viral and it’s not a surprise why! But it isn’t just Ariana’s answer to the collab question that has been receiving a whole lot of attention. Her manager, Scooter Braun, has also been spotted liking several of the BLACKPINK/Ariana collab posts including Ariana’s Twitter answer.


With Scooter Braun and Ariana both showing some love for a collab project, BLINKs everywhere are crossing their fingers that something could happen soon!


And seriously, this needs to happen because it would be absolutely amazing!