BLACKPINK Was Asked To Choose Their “Best Ever” Live Performance, And The Members Had Different Answers

They’re memorable for sure!

BLACKPINK always attracts thousands of fans to their concerts. BLINKs from all over the world line up, save up, and more just to see the four girls perform up close.

In an interview with KIIS FM, they delved deeper into various topics about their career so far including their live stages. They were asked, “What do you consider your best live performance?”

As a group that has performed hundreds of times since their debut in 2016, they had many options to choose from. Award shows, music shows, concerts, and more were all on the list.

They had different answers, with Rosé choosing their recent stage at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. They performed their pre-release single, “Pink Venom,” in front of fellow celebrities and millions of viewers.

I think each of us would have different opinions on what our best performance was. But definitely, VMAs was extremely fun.

— Rosé


The main vocalist could tell that it was a special one because of how nervous they all were before going live. It was followed by a euphoric feeling that extended until after they sang in front of the audience.

It’s been a while since we were as nervous as we were to get on that stage. I think the outcome was very satisfying and we had a lot of fun.

— Rosé

Jennie, meanwhile, found Coachella, a famous American music festival, to be BLACKPINK’s best performance yet.

I feel like I’ve said this a couple of times but Coachella is definitely one of the most unforgettable stages for us.

— Jennie

| Coachella

Though several years have passed since then, the memories from that period still remain fresh. It marked the first time they performed in front of a large crowd in the west, and the energy of both the group and the crowd was one they remember until now.

It was our first time in a big stage in the U.S and it was the opening for our L.A tour. I think it was our most energetic stage. I wouldn’t say it was our best one but it was our most energetic one. It was some sort of hype that nobody expected.

— Jennie

Check out the full interview below to learn more about BLACKPINK.

Source: YouTube