The Way BLACKPINK Watches Each Other’s Solo “Coachella” Practices Shows Off Their True Friendship

They’re just like sisters.

BLACKPINK recently released the 21st episode of their “B.P.M Roll” series. They showed fans how they practiced for their historic headline stage at Coachella 2023 while in Las Vegas.

Most of the their time was spent perfecting the group performances which took up majority of the setlist.

For the rest of it, they watched each other perform their own solo songs. Jennie focused on “You & Me”…

Lisa danced to “MONEY”…

Rosé performed “On The Ground”….

…and Jisoo introduced her debut solo song “Flower.”

Like the good friends that they are, they cheered each other on from the front of the stage. As each member took their turn, the others danced to their hearts’ content. They took on a fangirl persona instead of their usual cool artist selves.

For instance, Jisoo’s solo debut song “Flower” was still new at the time of filming and yet Lisa and Jennie already memorized the point moves. The former couldn’t help but let out a scream while jumping out of her chair in support of her unnie.

She also displayed her energetic side when dancing to Jennie’s “You & Me” dance.

When it was Lisa’s turn on stage, Jisoo and Jennie copied her “Listen to my money talk” line and even her pose lying on the ground.

BLACKPINK’s support for each other is always evident!

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

Check out the full video below to see their Coachella rehearsal.

Source: YouTube