Dua Lipa And Charli XCX Were Spotted Jamming To BLACKPINK Songs

They went wild to BLACKPINK!

Everyone has fallen in love with the sweet friendship between Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK. Their amazing interactions are so sweet and just when you thought their friendship couldn’t get any cuter, it does!


A few days ago, Dua Lipa had everyone melting when she made a surprise appearance at BLACKPINK’s concert and performed “Kiss And Make Up” with them.


While that interaction was already heart-melting, BLINKs just got another double dose of cuteness when they not only got to see Dua Lipa showing some major love to BLACKPINK but also Charli XCX and some of their other mutual friends!


Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, and more of their friend crew were recently spotted dancing along to BLACKPINK songs in New York.


The friend crew was first seen dancing along to “DDU-DU DDU-DU”…


And then going absolutely wild to “Kill This Love”!


BLINKs, in turn, have been freaking out over this latest turn of events and are loving the jam session!


Looks like not only is Dua Lipa a certified BLINK, but so is Charli XCX and the rest of their friend group! Who knew their friendship could get even cuter!