BLACKPINK Fans Complain Jisoo’s AI Looks “Nothing Like Her” But A Lot Like These K-Pop Idols

Can you see the resemblance?

BLACKPINK‘s special track “READY FOR LOVE” with PUBG Mobile is all fans can talk about at the moment. Aside from the song itself, they are excited about the music video, which isn’t a typical one! This time, the members themselves didn’t physically film it—a virtual MV with artificial intelligence (A.I.) was made instead.

The company behind the video game recently shared sneak peeks of the avatars that were designed to resemble the four members: Jennie



…and finally, Jisoo.

Several fans, however, complained that Jisoo’s avatar looks nothing like her, especially in the group photo.

They suggested that she looks like some other female K-Pop idol.

A name that was brought up several times was singer-actress IU.

Jisoo’s avatar (left) and IU (right)

Others suggested that the avatar looks like Red Velvet‘s Irene and Yeri…or a combination of both.

Irene (left), Jisoo’s avatar (center), and Yeri (right)
Several fans think the AI looks like Irene and Yeri

But many other fans argued that Jisoo’s AI does, in fact, look like her. Which side do you agree with more?