5SOS Recently Talked About BLACKPINK, GOT7, And DAY6 And Fans Are Ready For A Collab

BLINKs, IGOT7s, and MYDAYs are ready for a collab!

During a recent fan event, 5 Seconds of Summer mentioned BLACKPINK, GOT7, and DAY6 and now everyone is ready for their two worlds to collide!


5SOS recently headed to South Korea for a special fan event on July 14. During the event, they were asked if there were any Korean artists they would like to work with. Michael immediately named BLACKPINK and DAY6.

I like BLACKPINK. I like DAY6. There are so many, so many good ones!

— Michael


Right after Michael showed some love to BLACKPINK and DAY6, Ashton couldn’t help mentioning that they had just met up with one of GOT7’s producers!

We just met a GOT7 producer. He was pretty cool!

— Ashton


Before Luke revealed that they would definitely like to do a collaboration in the future!

I think if the time is right we’ll definitely think about collaborating. I think it would be cool to see the worlds collide at some point.

— Luke


Besides 5SOS giving a shoutout to them, fans got another surprise when DAY6’s Jae also heard the news and sent some love right back to them!


Which got a response back from Luke!


Fans, meanwhile, are definitely up for any and all of these collaborations! They’ve been sending out a ton of love for 5SOS and are keeping their fingers crossed that a collaboration project really will happen!


Here’s hoping that these two worlds really will collide so we can all be blessed with some amazing collaborations!