BLINKs Caught Jennie Wearing The Same Shirt Every Day, Her Reaction Was Priceless

She’s been spotted in this particular look a lot!

With BLINKs counting at least 20 different outfits worn throughout BLACKPINK Jennie‘s “Solo” MV and countless other luxurious outfits she’s worn with her members on stage and off, it’s hard to believe that Jennie was caught wearing the same thing over and over again but that’s exactly what fans have noticed!


BLINKs have noticed that Jennie tends to wear the same t-shirt every day that they see her and during a recent fan sign event, one fan decided to bring it up.


When the fan told Jennie that everyone had started to notice that Jennie has been wearing one outfit all the time, Jennie was obviously confused.

“You’re saying that I wear the same tee every day? Which tee?”

— Jennie


But once the fan clarified which tee Jennie was spotted in the most often, Jennie couldn’t help cracking up and covering her face in embarrassment!


— Fan


It’s true that Jennie has been wearing this special “cute-tee” from the very beginning…


And fans just can’t get enough of it!


Luckily, it looks like this particular tee will be sticking around for a long time!


And while fans know she’s always wearing this particular look…


Her reaction to being caught is absolutely priceless and cuteness overload!