BLACKPINK Jennie’s Way Of Easing Kuma’s Sadness Will Melt Your Heart

“I wish Kuma could be fine at home, even if I am not there with him.”

For the May cover of Vogue Korea, the magazine decided to go with something refreshing compared to all the celebrities they’ve photographed. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the model along with her beloved dog Kuma.

In a behind-the-scenes clip from the photoshoot, Jennie answered some questions about Kuma, two of which proved just how much she cares for him. She’ll do whatever she can to make him happy.

When asked if she had any wishes for Kuma, she revealed that he’s uneasy when separated from her. Whenever she leaves, he’s quick to follow her.

Jennie wanted him to be a bit more independent, “I wish Kuma could be fine at home, even if I am not there with him. When I go out to work, he always really wants to come with me.”

Seeing Kuma running to stay by her side tugged on her heartstrings, “He tries to get on the elevator with me. It saddens me a bit when he does that.” To ease her own sadness and that of Kuma, she came up with a way to satisfy them both.

Although she’s often working, Jennie always manages to make time to see Kuma through video calls with him. That way, they’re able to see each other without physically being together. She revealed, “I talk with him every day through video chat when I’m working.”

While some may not be able to understand the bond between Jennie and Kuma, she tried to explain how valuable he is to her. He’s one of the sources that keeps her spirits high, “He is one of my very important supports in life that gives me strength.”

Who would’ve thought Jennie uses her spare time from work to video call her dog Kuma? That’s both sweet and kind on so many levels.

Watch Jennie gush over her “baby” Kuma, along with how they support and cheer up each other here.