A BLACKPINK Jennie Fansite Was Trending In The Philippines And In Response He Called For More Love For Jennie

“Please give her more love”.

Being a fansite is no easy task; they dedicate their time, money, energy, their entire lives to following our favorite idols and snapping immaculate shots. Popular fansites can also be sort of a bridge between fans and idols, putting together fan projects and gifts for idols.

One particular BLACKPINK Jennie fansite, JENWONDER, had the honor of being a trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines shortly on May 29. The highest position they held on the trending list was #10.

For any fansite to be trending is no small feat, but JENWONDER’s work speaks for itself. Here are a few images from the fansite.

Rather than relishing in this accomplishment – which is surely validating after putting in so much hard work into their craft – JENWONDER immediately focused all of the love back onto the object of his dedication: Jennie.

Fansites’ mission – including JENWONDER’s, naturally – is to spread more love and awareness of their idols, and this spot on the trending list is proof that that goal has become a reality.