BLACKPINK’s Jennie Always Has A Front Row Seat To Her Member’s Sexy Dancing, And Her Reactions Are 100% Relatable

Jennie is us.

When it comes to performances, no one is immune to BLACKPINK‘s charms—not even the members themselves. This was seen in their appearance in 1theK Original‘s Prison Interview where they had to answer questions and complete challenges to escape the room.

In the part where Rosé and Jisoo were asked to show off their rap skills, they both didn’t disappoint!

After rapping excitedly to their b-side tracks, Rosé took the battle a step further and dropped down low in front of Jennie. From the latter’s expression, it was a completely unexpected but enjoyable event.

This isn’t the first time Jennie had a front row seat to her member’s sexy dancing moments. She previously cheered on Lisa with her seductive moves in the third episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK.

As the appointed “director” of the team, she had the authority to ask her members to dance to her song of choice, “REALLY REALLY” by WINNER.

While flailing her arms, she excitedly exclaimed, “I love it!” She was just like every BLINK on the planet at that moment!

Thanks to her sexy moves, Rosé ended up winning the rap battle against Jisoo—but everyone can agree that Jennie was the real winner. If you want to see this and more, check out the video below.