BLACKPINK Once Went Through An Iconic “Dubsmash” Phase — Here Are All Their Videos

This was before TikTok existed!

Before TikTok existed, many K-Pop idols loved “Dubsmash,” an app where users would lip sync to hilarious audio clips and songs. Even BLACKPINK had their own phase where many of the members had a blast filming the cutest videos!

Jennie and Jisoo were big fans of the app and made a bunch of videos together showcasing their silly sides.

  • Jennie: “I say disco, you say party. Disco, disco!”
  • Jisoo: “Party, party!”

They even sang along to some of their favorite K-Pop groups, including Miss A.

They also sang “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

…and “Call Me Baby” by EXO.

On a similar app called “Kwai,” Rosé also got in on the fun and did some dramatic acting scenes with Jisoo.

On her own, Jisoo sang along to the “Pikachu” song…

…and showed off plenty of aegyo!

Unfortunately, there are no videos featuring Lisa. Check out the full compilation below!

Check out other K-Pop idols including BTS who loved Dubsmash below!

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