BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals How Involved She Is In Her Own Styling

Fashionista Jennie never disappoints for a reason.

On the red carpet for the Chanel Collection, a reporter asked BLACKPINK‘s Jennie how involved she was in choosing her own outfits for things such as music videos and concerts.


Since Jennie is deeply into fashion, she began by explaining that it differs for every occasion.

There are times when she has styling ideas that she’s never done before and aren’t familiar with. That’s when her stylist helps her navigate the waters of fashion.

Sometimes it would be something I’ve never tried. Or, I don’t know where to head to. So, my stylist would help me out on that.

Other times, Jennie knows precisely how she wants to style her looks, especially for her solo promotions. She often has a view of how it should look and will send her stylist photos of what she has in mind, asking her opinion on how it looks.

Regarding my solo stuff, I have a big vision for it. So, I would send [my sylist] stuff all the time.

Every single time Jennie makes an appearance, she never fails to look the part of a fashionista. Now everyone has just a glimpse of her styling process.

Listen to Jennie answer questions about her styling here.