BLACKPINK Jennie’s Sexy Blouse Leaves Fans Speechless

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie totally stole the spotlight at the Asia Artist Awards performance with her killer blouse!

Jennie’s stunning visuals in the flower-printed blouse definitely distracted the audience from any mic difficulties BLACKPINK were having at their first award show performance.

Accessorizing with a thick black belt, Jennie showed off her long longs in thigh-high boots.

Check out her awesome stage outfit below!

Source: jenniedot1996
Jennie is literally a GODDESS.
Showing off that flower prowess
Showing off that flower prowess.
The next YG fashion icon perhaps?
Jennie burning with charisma in this boss pose.
The next YG style icon?
Jennie in that blouse is lethal
Jennie in that blouse is lethal.


Definitely not a wallflower!
Definitely not a wallflower!
Pretty sure we’re all bowing to our knees now.


Source: jenniedot1996