Here Is BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Most Charming Feature, According To Koreans

She won the genetic lottery!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has many charming features. From her easygoing personality to her vocal skills and of course, her unparalleled beauty, she’s one of the most lovable stars on the planet.

Out of all her amazing characteristics, Koreans seem to love this particular one of hers the most.

Her gorgeous smile of course!

Not many stars give off as wide and bubbly smiles as she does.

When Jisoo smiles, she puts her whole heart into it.

Her trademark smile has been present ever since her pre-debut days.

We love how unpretentious her smile is!

What makes her smile so gorgeous, you ask? Not only does she have straight and healthy teeth, Jisoo also has heart-shaped lips.

Her heart-shaped lips are genetic and are super rare. Only a few other idols such as EXO‘s D.O are known to have such lips.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of her smile.

| theqoo
  • When I see her smile, I become happy too.
  • So pretty…
  • She has everything, [that smile], with her visuals. The world is unfair.
  • Jisoo is really pretty.
  • The heart lips are so cute.
  • Everything about her is pretty but when she smiles she’s especially f*cking pretty.
  • Her lips are really pretty.

Everyone truly can’t get over her beauty!

Source: theqoo