BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Once Completely Distracted Her Variety Show Teammates With Her Stunning Visuals

They didn’t stand a chance against her visuals:

It’s no secret that BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has visuals for days. In fact, many, many people have been felt their effects but nobody has felt them quite like her Unexpected Q teammates!

Back in 2018, Jisoo was a guest on the variety program Unexpected Q and during the program, they busted out a variety classic — charades! Split into Team A and Team B (Jisoo’s team) and taking turns acting out the lyrics of famous songs, each team was tasked with guessing the song their teammates were acting out.

While things were going absolutely amazing for Team B as they powered their way through the first three songs, things came to a screeching halt when Jisoo stepped forward to give the next clue! Why? You may ask. Well…

Because Jisoo mesmerized all her teammates with her beauty!

As Jisoo delivered with some fantastic clues to the song she had been given, her teammates simply couldn’t focus! In fact, Heo Kyung Hwan was even ready to quit the game altogether because there was no way they were moving on from that!

Can we just keep watching her without answering the question?

— Heo Kyung Hwan

With Team B no closer to guessing the correct answer because they were so distracted by the lovely Jisoo, she decided to give the song a pass. But even as she passed her first turn, her second had much the same results!

Luckily, with a few more angelic moves, she was able to guide her team to the correct answer of J.Y. Park’s “She Was Pretty”!

Looks like this is proof that Jisoo’s visuals are so stunning that they literally stun those around her!