BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Had Everyone Wishing She Was Their Aunt After Seeing What She Gifted Her Niece

Jisoo is definitely that aunt who loves to spoil her niece:

Many aunts and uncles love to spoil their nieces and nephews endlessly and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo just proved that she is definitely one of those aunts!


Jisoo’s niece just celebrated her “Baek-il” or 100 days. Back when infant mortality was high, a child reaching their 100th day since their birth was a big milestone as it signified the child would survive infancy. Today, many families still celebrate Baek-il including Jisoo’s!


For her niece’s Baek-il, Jisoo absolutely showered her niece with a whole lot of love and a whole lot of gifts too! Jisoo’s family posted some photos from the celebration including some of the gifts that Jisoo sent to her and let’s just say the gifts had jaws dropping!


Not only did Jisoo gift her niece with a calendar featuring auntie Jisoo but she also gave her Burberry outfits, mini-pouches, and a stack of money!


After seeing the present, BLINKs immediately knew that Jisoo was going to be one of those aunts who just can’t help doting on her adorable niece! Some fans even jokingly asked Jisoo if she could be their aunt too!


Jisoo really is that doting aunt who just wants to show her niece how much she loves he and fans are absolutely loving it! There’s no doubt that the two will have some absolutely adorable interactions in the future as her niece grows up!