BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Called Lisa This Kid’s Show Character’s Name And It’s Making Everyone Wheeze

What are friends for, right?

Lately, fans have been getting blessed with tons of gorgeous selcas from BLACKPINK‘s Lisa. While reactions have ranged from stunned to feelings of being attacked, Jisoo had one very special reaction to one of Lisa’s photos!


A few days ago, Lisa uploaded a few more jaw-dropping selcas to her Instagram page leaving fans once again breathless!

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Masaya akong makita kayong mga blinksπŸ’‹

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But soon that breathlessness wasn’t simply caused by Lisa! BLINKs soon noticed that Jisoo had left a comment for Lisa calling her “Dubi”!


Fans quickly realized that “Dubi” was another name for Dipsy, aka the green character from the children’s show Teletubbies! And thanks to Lisa’s own green outfit, Jisoo just couldn’t resist!


When BLINKs learned this piece of information they couldn’t help cracking up over the extraness!


Many fans have also expressed how they think it’s adorable how Jisoo immediately thought of that and left a comment! But hey, what are friends for right!