BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Revealed That Lisa Has A Secret Dance Cover

BLINKs are demanding for that dance cover video!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo revealed that fellow member Lisa has a dance cover she wants to post. Jisoo mentioned to fans that Lisa covered CHUNGHA‘s “Snapping,” and how she wants to show it to their BLINKs because of Lisa’s powerful movements.

Lisa, however, opposed to Jisoo’s dreams of showing that dance cover video to fans! She became shy and kept telling Jisoo not to post the video.

Lisa even joked and told Jisoo not to post it, because if she did, then everyone will fall in love with her! Although, that is true, Jisoo did not agree with Lisa’s statement at all. Jisoo showed a facial expression showing she didn’t support Lisa’s statement.

However, being the nice unnie that she is, Jisoo eventually agreed and told BLINKs that she won’t post Lisa’s dance cover to “Snapping” for the sake of protecting everyone’s eyes.

BLINKs however still want to see Lisa’s dance cover though!