BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Put A Special Tag On One Instagram Post And Fans Can’t Get Over It

The surprise discovery has fans cracking up hard!

Whenever BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo heads over to Instagram, BLINKs know they are in for a treat. Jisoo always posts plenty of gorgeous selcas, sweet nature pics, and a whole lot of heart-melting pics with her members and lately, Jisoo has definitely been blessing fans with a whole lot of amazing photos!


Among all those sweet pictures,  however, there’s one in particular that immediately caught BLINKs’ attention not only because it’s a masterpiece but also because of the tag Jisoo used for the photo!


In the past, Jisoo revealed that if Lisa takes a photo of her she absolutely has to tag Lisa on Instagram or else Lisa won’t take photos of her for a long while. Obviously Lisa’s rule has stuck with Jisoo because she recently made sure to tag Lisa in a series of photos she uploaded. But it looks like Jisoo didn’t just apply Lisa’s rule to photos Lisa took!


Right after uploading the Lisa taken photos, Jisoo uploaded a sweet selca that instantly had hearts fluttering.

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photo by chu🍒

A post shared by JISOO (@sooyaaa__) on


While it already had fans feeling breathless, BLINKs quickly discovered the selca’s secret that had them cracking up hard. When Jisoo uploaded the picture she couldn’t resist tagging the photographer…herself!


The discovery has been cracking BLINKs up hard especially since they can imagine Jisoo applying Lisa’s tag rule to herself!


Every good photographer deserves some credit!