BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shows up at the Airport Looking like a Living Doll

She looks too gorgeous to be true…

BLACKPINK was recently spotted at Incheon International Airport on their way to Bangkok, Thailand where each member appeared looking effortlessly beautiful.

But one member particularly stood out from the rest due to her new hairstyle and unrealistic body proportions.

Lisa is typically known to flaunt lighter hair colors, but on this day, she appeared with dark brown hair and cut to a medium length with straight bangs.

The dark color of her hair made her gorgeous facial features stand out even more, and with her unrealistic body proportions added on top, she looked like a living Barbie doll.

As if her doll-like face wasn’t enough, Lisa managed to show off her very long legs and unbelievably thin waist in a very casual outfit.

From the looks of the full body shots, Lisa truly is a full package of absolute effortless beauty.

Source: Insight