BLACKPINK’s Lisa Caters To Fan Requests, No Matter How Small Or Silly

She does whatever she can for BLINKs.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is widely known for being respectful and thoughtful to everyone, from restaurant staff to industry insiders to fans.


When it comes specifically to BLINKs, though, she may go just a little bit further.

At the beginning of November, a fan ran into Lisa while she was with her manager and asked if she could autograph their album. Unfortunately, the manager wouldn’t allow Lisa to sign it, even though she’d pulled out some aegyo. That’s when the fan came up with a solution.

Since Lisa couldn’t sign the album, the fan jokingly asked her to tap the album instead. Because Lisa does anything she can for BLINKs, she did it, making the fan and herself laugh at the funny situation.


No matter how small or silly the request may be, Lisa will do her best to fulfill it, within reason. If that isn’t the sweetest reason to fall in love Lisa, what is?