BLACKPINK Lisa’s Close Friendship With Her Manager Is Warming Hearts

If Lisa does that, they’re definitely close.

Based on various accounts from industry insiders she’s met, store owners whose shops she visited, and fans that have run into her, they all proved just how friendly BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is to everyone.

Taking that into consideration, it’s no wonder that she’s just as friendly with her staff, especially her manager. A moment between Manager Jul and Lisa has fans noticing how close they’ve truly become.

As Lisa was walking around with her manager beside her, she gave him a playful slap on his arm. Although it’s unclear what they’d been discussing, it could’ve been from Lisa trying and failing to get something she’d wanted. Why?

Right after, Lisa cutely shuffled her feet as she walked forward and flailed her arms about, like a child throwing a mini tantrum. Fans had even found another cute moment between them.

Feeling completely comfortable with Manager Jul, Lisa laughed as she gave him another playful slap on his shoulder. It was just like any other day in their lives.

They kept walking onward as they continued their amusing conversation. By now, fans have noticed a pattern when Lisa has a close friendship with someone.

When she’s comfortable around them, she has no problem giving them a light, playful slap to show how funny they’re being.

Watch the fun and sweet moments between Lisa and Manager Jul that has fans loving their interactions.