BLACKPINK’s Lisa Couldn’t Help But Laugh At Trainee’s Question About Her Unshakable Bangs

Who could blame her? Everyone wanted to know the secret behind them.

Though the show Youth With You, everyone has been able to see different sides of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa as she fulfills her role as a mentor. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a funny moment between her and the trainees.

When Lisa checked in on them to see how they were doing, they didn’t seem to have any particular concerns. After hesitating, a trainee spoke up, “Actually, I also have bangs…”

That alone already had Lisa reacting. As soon as the other trainees saw her reaction, they began to laugh, covering their mouths.

Entirely focused on explaining her problem, the trainee flipped her hair from side to side, showing how much her bangs easily move around. Lisa’s bright smile proved just how amused she was.

The trainees asked for the secret behind Lisa’s unshakable bangs that couldn’t be moved even by the fiercest winds of a tornado. They were all curious. “How to control?” “How to fix it?” “How to make it stay still?” “Yes, I don’t want it to move.”

All the questions about her bangs made Lisa burst into laughter. The fact that they’d brought that up as one of the hardest things they’re dealing with must’ve made it that much funnier. After getting all the laughs out, she made sure to share the secret behind them.

Entering back into mentor mode, Lisa held up a hand as if spraying her hair, “Just tell… When you do the show, just tell the hairstylist to spray. ‘Can you spray my bangs for me, please?’ That’s all.”

Lisa’s unshakable bangs are her signature. Who could blame the trainees for wanting to know the simple secret behind them? From dancing routines to hairstyling, she has them covered with all the useful tips.

See Lisa’s adorable reaction to the funny questions about her famous bangs here, along with the reveal of a little hair spray.