BLACKPINK Says Lisa Would Embarrass Herself In Front Of A Crush

Her members explained the reasons why.

If there’s one person who would totally embarrass herself in front of a crush, it’s Lisa, according to her BLACKPINK members.


Recently, BLACKPINK sat down with Billboard to play the game ‘How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?’. They answered questions by holding up headshots of their members, including this one:


All of BLACKPINK voted for Lisa, except Lisa. She voted for Rosé but, like Rosé said, “majority wins”. Their reasoning?


“You get really shy really easily,” Jennie told her. Rosé added, “And Lisa just makes a lot of jokes. She’s like the clown. She’s like a class clown.”


“She would be the one making jokes,” Jennie went on. “but when we put her on the spot she gets really shy. ”


Watch BLACKPINK play the whole game here: