Lisa Got So Close To A “Stage K” Winner That BLINKs Are Wondering How She Survived

How can she be okay after that close encounter with Lisa?

On June 2, BLACKPINK made their appearance on JTBC‘s Stage K where they watched and judged dance cover teams from all over the world! With plenty of exciting moments all around and tons of fantastic performances from all of the teams, there was one moment from the winning stage that really caught fans’ attention.


The winning team from Belgium certainly showed off their amazing skills by not only performing a stunning version of “Whistle”…


But also a unique and flawless version of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” in the second round!


And as the winning team, they got to perform on stage with BLACKPINK! The two groups joined forces to perform an epic version of “Kill This Love” that was pure fire!


There was, however, one moment that had fans jaws dropping on the floor! During one portion of the dance, BLACKPINK matched up with the winners to perform this move…


Leading to this moment between Lisa and one of the winning members!


BLINKs everywhere are feeling totally overwhelmed by the moment. Some fans think she’s the luckiest fan in the world and are convinced she must have saved the world in her previous life…


While others are concerned about her well-being after being that close to the dancing queen herself!


Of course, that wasn’t the only moment from the winning stage that had fans going wild so make sure you check it out in the video below!