Lisa Let Her Inner Jisoo Fangirl Out During BLACKPINK’s Recent Concert

BLINKs are waiting for Lisa to open a Jisoo fansite!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa showed some serious love to her unnie by letting her true fangirl self out and BLINKs are loving it!


With their In Your Area tour recently stopping in Melbourne, Australia, BLACKPINK made lots of fun memories with BLINKs not only through their music but through their amazing interactions with fan and each other.


And when it came to interactions, Lisa’s fangirl moment with Jisoo was one of the cutest! During the encore stage of “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, Lisa suddenly appeared snapping photos left and right of Jisoo!


As she continued taking pics of Jisoo, Lisa even made sure that she got Jisoo’s best angle!


And to the very end she was Jisoo’s dedicated fan. Even as she moved to a different part of the stage, Lisa still snapped a few more pictures of her!


Everyone has been falling hard for the adorable interaction and, really, who wouldn’t!


Lisa and Jisoo are the cutest!