7 Moments Where BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was The Perfect Muse For CELINE … Day-To-Night Styling

Lisa’s striking looks and casual style is perfect for the brand.

CELINE is a highly successful luxury brand that is all about mixing vintage looks with modern high-end, to create pieces that are chic and timeless. The brand also has a strong men’s line compared to other brands such as Chanel, making it all the more edgy. Lisa was announced as CELINE’s brand muse in 2019 and has since been shooting pictorials for the brand, as well as traveling to attend their various shows all over the world. Her trademark blend of casual and chic perfectly encapsulates the brand. Here are 7 moments that cement her standing as their muse.

1. “French Girl Fashion” game mastered.

Lisa’s basically mastered the essentials of French girl fashion, including an effortless chic and a certain je ne sais quoi that you have to be born with. As the fashion house originates from the baguette central of the world, Lisa’s certainly in tune with the brand.

2. Casual summer elegance.

In an old-timey black and white shot, Lisa places the bag from CELINE in the center of the frame, but that doesn’t stop her from shining as well! Her casual but still somewhat dressy fashion is made possible by fitted black slacks that match the leather workbag.

3. All-black but still casual.

Lisa heads to the airport for an overseas schedule and manages to look both expensive af and comfortable. Her entire outfit save for the jeans is CELINE, including the small gold pendant she uses to adorn the otherwise plain shirt.

4. A little bit of vintage.

Lisa carries the Macadam line from CELINE, inspired by their original print from the yesteryears. Although the line has been updated, its classic print gives a vintage touch to Lisa’s casual outfit for a flight.

5. Nude lips, smokey eyes and mussed hair.

Perfect for a night out, Lisa’s brand of edgy tomboy chic is maxed out with her sleepy makeup look inspired by French girls that simply smudge on their kohl and call it a day. It is paired perfectly with a subtle white turtleneck and black waistbag.

6. The iconic $22,000 USD jacket.

Yes, you read that right. This jacket here costs over twenty grand. Lisa pulls it off flawlessly and tones down the glam with a white tee and jeans on the inside, as well as a nude lip. The iconic Triomphe bag is worn in red to give just the slightest pop of color.

7. Tourist, but make it fashion.

Lisa went out for a day of sight-seeing during her time in Paris and snapped a beautiful shot in front of the Eiffel Tower. The Macadam sling bag is the perfect addition to round off her casual but classic fit.

As the brand and Lisa continues to expand, we are excited to see how else this endorsement plays out. Who knows? Perhaps one day we will see a collaboration between Lisa and CELINE! After all, she’s known for her artistic side as well.