BLACKPINK Lisa Opens Up About Her Relationships With Other Thai Idols

She has different kinds of relationships, with the various Thai idols.

As the latest Thai idol to debut, BLACKPINK’s Lisa was asked what kind of relationships she has with with the other K-Pop idols from Thailand.


She name dropped some of the hottest Thai K-Pop stars for her friends list!

“I’m close with my seniors, BamBam (GOT7), Sorn (CLC) and Nichkhun (2PM).” — Lisa


But surprisingly, that didn’t mean they were close as a group.

“I’m close to everyone, but the others aren’t close to each other.” — Lisa


Lisa and Bambam have also known each other since long before they were famous! They were close since childhood when they were still living in Thailand.

Lisa and BamBam as kids.


Despite being in different agencies, the two of them were trainees at the same time, and supported each other in order to debut!

The two adorable Thai idols long before they were celebrities in Korea!


Whenever they see each other, there’s an unspoken acknowledgement that they both made it, and succeeded in their dreams of becoming K-Pop idols.


Lisa also described the level of her popularity back at home.

“I visited Thailand, and a lot more people recognized me than I thought. When I was coming back to Korea, fans cheered and gave me lots of gifts at the airport.” — Lisa


Lisa is certainly making Thailand proud!

Source: FN Star