BLACKPINK’s Lisa Remembers Exactly What Her First Impression Of Each Of Her Members Was, And They’re All Fond Memories

This is how it all began, according to Lisa.

Earlier this year, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa did an interview for Rolling Stone in which she discussed her first time in many things, including first performance, first time in Korea, and, of course, her first impressions of her fellow members, and this is what she had to say of them.

According to Lisa, the first member she met was Jennie, who was also the first member to join YG Entertainment as a trainee. Lisa says that she felt very close to Jennie because she was the only person who spoke to her in English at the time, since no-one else was able to speak it. This must have been very reassuring to Lisa, as she was a foreigner in Korea and had yet to become comfortable there (in fact, it took her a year to adjust to the new country). This reflects the similar experience Rosé had with Jennie when she first arrived at the company.

The second person she met was Jisoo, and what Lisa most remembers from those early days is that Jisoo wore the same red hoodie every single day. Funnily enough, Rosé claimed that when she first met Jisoo, Jisoo looked like a”cool kid” with her oversized black shirt.

As for Rosé, Lisa claims that she mainly remembers first seeing Rosé carrying her guitar. She also remembers thinking that it was cool that she was from Australia, and perhaps more touchingly, that she was excited to have her as a new friend who was the same age as her.

The members likely had no idea at the time that they would go on to become one of the most successful groups in the history of K-Pop together, but it’s nice to know that their friendship had a good start. Of course, it has only grown since then, but it’s nice to look back on how everything began and see how far the four members have come together since then.

Source: Rolling Stone