BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sells Out A Product She Wasn’t Even Promoting

Everyone’s eyes were supposed to be on the makeup.

On top of becoming the face of China’s Downy and a major yogurt drink HuaGuoQingru, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa isn’t forgetting her role as the face of Moonshot cosmetics.

In fact, her ability to sell out products ended up selling out an unexpected item. She sold out something she was wearing rather than the makeup she was actually promoting.

For the lastest Moonshot photoshoot, Lisa wore one particular outfit that had fans wanting to find out what she was wearing. It wasn’t the lip product or the matching pink top and pants. It was one of the necklaces.

As she held up a Moonshot compact, the shorter necklace with the brightly colored blue and orange beads along with a tiny moon took the spotlight. Although BLINKs are talented in tracking down the items that the members wear, they didn’t have to look far for this one.

The brand that had created the necklace turned out to be S_S.IL, which shared one of the photos from Lisa’s photo shoot of her wearing the jewelry. To make it easier for anyone who wanted to purchase it, they tagged the item in the photo that led to it.

The necklace was priced at $134 USD, which was far more affordable than the other pieces that Lisa or the other members have worn. Unfortunately for those who wanted to get their hands on the stunning piece, it’s already been sold out.

Whether it’s laundry products or higher priced jewelry, Lisa is a queen at selling out items. As such, it’s precisely why she’s the stunning face of so many brands in different countries.