BLACKPINK Picked The Skills They Want To Steal From Each Other—And Honestly, Same

Jisoo was the overall winner!

BLACKPINK greeted fans at the beginning of “How You Like That” promotions with a comeback online broadcast. The June 26 hour-long premier was filled with fun interactions between the members and new information for fans.

One segment of the show had the girls pointing their lightstick at the member who fits the question best. A question that got them excited was, “Which member has the skill that you want to steal and have?”

After counting to three, it was revealed that Jisoo got the most votes with two members voting for her: Jennie and Rosé. They both had the same reason why they voted for their eldest member: her funny nature.

The constant nonsense, that’s why I picked Jisoo.

— Rosé

Jennie was initially going to pick Lisa, but Jisoo’s 4-dimension personality was just too great.

I was going to pick Lisa because she’s able to fall asleep as soon as she leans her head on something. But I saw Jisoo’s dumdumdum part again yesterday. It was hilarious.

– Jennie

Jisoo, meanwhile, picked Jennie in return. Explaining, “I really like her neat MC skills today”, the former admired the latter for staying alert despite their tiring schedule.

Lastly, Lisa picked Rosé because of her pretty Australian accent. When Jennie asked why Lisa didn’t like her own New Zealand accent, the maknae just froze and apologized.

I really like Rosé’s Australian accent.

– Lisa

To everyone’s amusement, Lisa pretended to be sad when she realized she received zero votes.

Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé comforted her by saying they did not vote for Lisa because they thought the others would.

I thought most of you guys will pick Lisa!

– Jisoo

Fans know that every member is talented in their own right!

Check out the full video below!