BLACKPINK’s Response To The Love They Received At “Coachella” Is Super Humble

They made history, and this is what they had to say about it.

Last year, BLACKPINK not only took the world by storm with their appearance at Coachella but made history as the first K-Pop girl group to do so.

From breaking the internet with killer performances of their hits to thousands of people wondering who the charismatic Lisa was, it was their time to shine.

Based on all the love the crowd showered the group with, it could’ve easily been a BLACKPINK concert. In the newly released documentary by the concert, Coachella: 20 Years In The Desert, the members opened up about how they’d felt about it.

Jennie spoke for them all when putting into words what they’d been thinking. She kept it open and honest, “We didn’t expect anybody to even, you know, know our music or anything.”

As soon as they’d stepped on stage, all the members were shook by how supportive the audience was. They were cheering them on in a way only fans could, “We came in, and everybody’s, like, screaming ‘BLACKPINK in your area.'”

Using her hands to emphasize just how happy all the love they received made them, Jennie admitted, “It’s just blowing our minds.” The rest of the members were quick to agree, nodding their heads, “Yeah.”

Although they’re one of the biggest girl groups in the world, gaining millions of views on their content and music, they took everyone by surprise with their humble reaction.

Whether or not someone is interested in K-Pop, they’ve most likely at least heard the name BLACKPINK. Watch their humble response to all the unexpected support here.