BLACKPINK Rosé’s “The Album” Spoiler Left Everyone Even More Clueless

Rosé cleverly made BLINKs even more excited yet just as confused.

After breaking their own record and setting a new one for pre-orders of more than 800,000 units, BLACKPINK will finally release their long-awaited full-length album The Album on October 2.

Although the group had a round of promotions for “How You Like That” and dropped “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez, it’s only making fans even more excited for the album. Since everyone loves a good spoiler, Rosé gave one that made BLINKs even more excited but just as clueless as before.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Because the group couldn’t fly to the United States for an in-person interview with the Zach Sang Show, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez held a video call to talk about everything they’ve been participating in.

Zach Sang asked a question that many had been wondering: was “Ice Cream” the sound the upcoming album was centered around? “The record altogether… Is this a sign sonically, guys, for The Album that’s ahead?

| Zach Sang Show/YouTube

Rosé took the lead in answering the question. Rather than initially confirming or denying it, she cleverly mentioned a spoiler that would only make everyone anticipate it more. “The Album is jam-packed full of all these different surprises.” She then circled back.

Instead of addressing if the sound of “Ice Cream” carried throughout the rest of the album, Rosé merely confirmed that the tracks would be just as surprising as the collaboration had been. “So as much as ‘Ice Cream’ was a big surprise—we heard—I feel like, yes, it is. Because The Album is full of surprises. It’s the best biggest surprise.

Though Rosé didn’t give a spoiler that revealed anything specific about the album’s tracks, she did hint that there could be even more unexpected collaborations if she’d used “Ice Cream” as the definition of surprise. She could even be referring to more English tracks.

Rosé’s witty spoiler left everyone just as clueless as before about what The Album will sound like but even more hyped to hear it. Watch Rosé cleverly avoid any specific spoilers about their first full-length album here.