BLINKs Are Certain That BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is The Mysterious Third Model For New Mobile Game

All the clues seem to lead right to Rosé!

So far the new mobile MMORPG game, Perfect World, has been hyping up gamers everywhere by introducing Kim Jong Kook and Jang Ki Yong as promotional models for the game. Now, however, they’ve just revealed one more teaser photo for a third promotional model ramping up the excitement levels to new heights!


Perfect World just released a poster featuring a silhouette of their third model through their social media accounts. And with one look at the silhouette, BLINKs were 100% sure they were looking at Rosé!

The third official model’s silhouette poster reveal! Everyone, can you guess who it is?


Additionally, the clues that Perfect World dropped about the identity of this third model point directly to Rosé as well. In one statement, they announced the model as a member of a girl group representing K-Pop who combines beauty and talent while possessing a perfect voice and outstanding dance skills. There’s no doubt that Rosé definitely fits that description!


Meanwhile, on Facebook, they revealed that the third official model is a talented member of a female idol group and featured in G-Dragon‘s album before debuting.


As every BLINK knows, Rosé featured in G-Dragon’s “Without You” before she debuted.


Although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, BLINKs are very sure that when they do reveal the third model, it’s going to be Rosé and they can’t wait!