BLACKPINK Rosé’s Goal For The Year Is All The Proof You Need She Truly Loves BLINK

She’s always thinking about BLINK:

With each new year, people all over the world set goals they want to achieve over the course of the year. For some their goals involve health and for others, it could be about work. For BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, however, her goal for 2020 shows just how much she truly loves BLINK.

In a recently released interview with Vogue Korea, Rosé opened up about all kinds of things from favorite foods to her happiest moment since debut.

While Rosé covered plenty of fun topics, Vogue Korea wanted to know if there was any major goal that Rosé wanted to achieve this year…

What do you want to achieve this year?

— Vogue Korea

And without hesitating one second, Rosé announced that her goal is to not only do her best but to make BLINK happy!

I always feel this way but, I want to do my best (promote) a lot and make my fans happy.

— Rosé

With such a sweet goal in mind, it’s really no wonder that Rosé’s words have already touched BLINKs hearts!

But that’s Rosé! She’s the absolute sweetest idol around and her 2020 goal is further proof of that! Watch Rosé reveal her goal and more below: