BLACKPINK’s Rosé Really Wanted To Meet Jeong Hyeong Don After Debuting, Here’s Why

She really wanted to tell him something.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé really wanted to meet Jeong Hyeong Don since before her debut because she wanted to say something to him.

In 2016, BLACKPINK made their very first appearance on the variety program Weekly Idol, where Rosé was finally able to meet Jeong Hyeong Don in person.


After a brief introduction, Rosé timidly raised her hand and said she had something she wanted to say for a long time.


Then she proceeded to say that Jeong Hyeong Don resembles her father very much.

You look so much like my father.

ㅡ Rosé


Jeong Hyeong Don looked extremely disappointed as he tried to explain that his daughter is only 5 years old.


Despite Jeong Hyeong Don’s disappointment, Rosé continued to explain that she always felt Jeong Hyeong Don looked like her father on television but now that she saw him in person, they resembled each other even more!

I feel like I’m looking at my father who’s in Australia right now.

ㅡ Rosé


Rosé later revealed a photo of her family on Knowing Bros in 2017 and it does seem like her father resembles Jeong Hyeong Don indeed!


Check out the full clip below:

Source: Dispatch