Here’s Why Everyone Is Convinced BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is A Real Elf

Santa Chaeng is coming to town!

Normally when one refers to an “elf” in the world of K-Pop they’re talking about ELF the fandom of Super Junior, but it looks like K-Pop just got a new elf of a different variety!


The holiday season is in full swing and there’s at least one idol who’s ready to join forces with Santa Claus, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé!


Rosé recently melted fans hearts with her cute Instagram story message where she was seen working as an elf.


Although Rosé was in full on elf mode in the post…


Fans later found out that Rosé wasn’t just working hard as an elf, she was also out delivering presents to BLACKPINK staff!

“Santa Chaeng left a surprise present in front of the hotel room door with a handwritten letter, thank you!”


The adorable gesture has really hit home with BLINKs who are expressing their love for their hard-working elf…


And sweet “Santa Chaeng”!


But what does  Rosé think of the Santa nickname? Well, her response says it all!

“Ho, ho, ho.”

—  Rosé


Could she be any cuter?