BLACKPINK’s Rose Reveals She Aspired To Be Like Lisa After Seeing Her Dance

All the struggles were worth it in the end.

On July 31, BLACKPINK released their fifth episode of their own reality series 24/365 With BLACKPINK on their YouTube channel and reminisced about their trainee days.

In this episode, the members take a trip down memory lane as they talk about the hardships they faced before debut as trainees. Jennie revealed that because they couldn’t always eat out, they ate a lot of scrambled eggs with strawberry jam. Rose added that they would also eat dumplings with oriental dressing.

Rose also revealed that she didn’t know anything about dancing until she came to YG Entertainment. Jennie taught Rose the basic dance training moves that she would have to practice for months.

But after seeing Lisa dance, it gave Rose the inspiration and motivation to want to dance better.

The other members also agreed that Lisa was always a good dancer, even before debut.

Although they went through a hard time before debut, the girls all agree that it was because of those moments that they were able to become close and stronger together.

Watch the full episode below!