BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals Her Happiest Moment Since Debut

There were a lot of amazing moments to choose from!

Dominating charts, racking up records, stealing hearts the world over, and making precious memories with BLINK, BLACKPINK have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to happy memories.

So when Vogue Korea got the chance to ask Rosé what her happiest moment since debut has been they took it!

When was the happiest moment after your debut?

— Vogue Korea

With so many happy memories, however, it certainly wasn’t an easy choice for Rosé to choose just one! After the question was posed to her, she had to take a few moments to think it over.

After our debut? Hmm, the happiest moment…

— Rosé

Eventually, however, she came up with a more recent memory that made her happy. Sitting forward and with the biggest grin on her face, Rosé revealed that one of her all-time happiest memories was BLACKPINK’s Coachella stage!

Our stage at Coachella! That was definitely one of my happiest memories.

— Rosé

Considering their Coachella stage was not only was history-making but also let them have a ton of fun meeting BLINK, making new friends, and simply let them enjoy their time on stage and at the festival, there’s no doubt that Coachella was full of awesome memories! Watch Rosé choose her happiest memory since debut and more below: