BLACKPINK Rosé’s Recent TV Appearance Has Everyone Wondering If She’s Computer Graphics

Her visuals are THAT unreal.

BLACKPINK recently appeared on JTBC’s Stage K where they showed their awe and amazement in the challengers who showed off their individuality and passion.

What stood out just as much as the challengers’ performances was Rosé and the unreal visuals that almost made her look like computer graphics.

Rosé was wearing a gorgeous black outfit that made her beauty stand out every time the camera was focused on her.

The combination of her blonde hair and pale face made her shine even more during the close-up shots.

Her big eyes, sharp nose, and pervert v-line looked absolutely flawless, and her features were complemented by the pink-based makeup that made her look even more unreal.

Check out some more photos of CG Rosé below:

Source: Insight