BLINKs Are Coming Up With Very Creative Ways To Work Around BLACKPINK’s Samsung Deal

iPhone? What iPhone? It’s a Samsung I swear!

Since BLACKPINK and Samsung teamed up, both BLACKPINK and Apple iPhone using BLINKs have been put into a number of hilariously awkward situations thanks to the competition between the two tech companies.


The dire situation first came to light during their encore performance at their In Your Area tour in LA where they had to sadly had to decline to take selcas on iPhones!


While some fans at the time suggested that BLINKs immediately make the switch to Samsung to avoid conflicts…


Some BLINKs have come up with downright creative ways to try and work around the problem while still holding onto their own phones! BLACKPINK recently stopped in Chicago for the next leg of their tour and it was obvious that Samsung phones were on everyone’s minds.


While some fans decided the best way to get those selcas was to actually get a Samsung…


Other fans had some different ideas. One BLINK took her creativity to a whole new level when she decided to create her own Samsung phone…


Which ended up being a hit with Jennie!


Meanwhile, one BLINK at the concert decided if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em with his own hilarious Samsung excitement!


With BLINKs creativity flowing, who knows what they’ll come up with next!