BLACKPINK and WINNER MVs Spotted Playing In Times Square

WINNER and BLACKPINK were featured on an advertisement that was shown in one of the most popular places in the world: Times Square in New York.

The advertisement was for LINE FRIENDS, an Asian character brand that will soon be opening their first official store in the United States.

LINE FRIENDS has become the number one character brand in Asia. It is also the first of its kind to open an official large-scale store in the United States.

“The opening of our first store in New York City highlights the rapid popularity our beloved characters are gaining not just in Asia, but in North America and other countries around the world. We will continue in our mission of bringing joy to more and more consumers.”


The advertisement was short and very simple, as Broadway’s prices for advertising are significantly expensive. It showed a small portion of WINNER’s and BLACKPINK’s music videos and the groups’ names at the end.

LINE FRIENDS will be opening up their store later this year in July, and will be located at 1515 Broadway near MTV Studios.

Source: PR Newswire