When BLACKPINK’s Jennie Did This At Their Newark Concert She Left Her Members Shook

Jennie made this a night BLACKPINK and BLINKs will never forget.

While performing “As If It’s Your Last” at the Newark stop of BLACKPINK‘s “In Your Area” tour, Jennie decided to dance like it was her last to the surprise of even her members.

During her solo, instead of facing the crowd, she turned around to face her members and their reactions were priceless.

Judging from the varying looks of shock and horror coming from her members’ faces, it’s safe to say they, however, were not included in Jennie’s inside joke.

It looks like Rosé took a while to notice something was amiss, but when she noticed… she noticed.

Lisa seems to notice first, gawking at Jennie before she even fully turns around. She also catches on the quickest, breaking into more of a shocked smile.

Jisoo looks absolutely mortified for almost the entire ride, until she recognizes Jennie’s mischievous smile and realizes the joke’s on them.

BLACKPINK’s Newark tour stops were also iconic for including a surprise appearance from Dua Lipa, and the ever-growing “BLINK Samsung Chronicles”. The next stop on their tour is Atlanta on May 5, and we can’t wait to see what the girls have in store for us next.