BLACKPINK’s Lisa Couldn’t Hide Her Surprise When She Saw What Thai BLINKs Did

She couldn’t stop smiling when she saw it.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was spotted at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand with a huge smile that was so joyful it was infectious. (Admit it, you smiled when you saw it too!) Holding a camera up to her face, it was obvious that it was something she saw that made her so happy. What could it have been?

Lisa was greeted by a standee of her name setup by Thai BLINKs and was so delighted by it, she had to take a picture! The hard work they put into the standee was apparent, as each letter was well-shaped and featured a special item next to it, like a crown or camera, and perhaps most impressively, they also added lights to it to make it stand out even more!

While Lisa has fans around the world, BLINKs from Thailand are especially proud of her because she’s Thai as well. We can only guess that Lisa was profoundly touched by the effort local BLINKs put into making her feel welcome.

Isn’t it sweet how happy Lisa was with BLINKs thoughtful airport greeting? The relationship BLACKPINK has with BLINKs is heartwarming as they always show appreciation for each other.