BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Duality Has The Power To Drive Anyone Crazy

How does she do it?!

Many idols can be cute, and many idols can be sexy, but not all can do both. BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is definitely one who can be both! She can reach both ends of the spectrum, and it can drive everyone crazy!

She can go from sexy…

To extremely cute the next second!

BLINKs are wondering how this can be possible! How can a person have the best of both worlds?

With her strong features and charming personality, Lisa’s duality is surely something BLINKs enjoy seeing despite feeling soft and then attacked the next minute!

Lisa can literally transform her facial expressions and whole being from being someone you want to protect to someone who lures you to pay attention to them. BLINKs don’t know how she does it, but they don’t mind not knowing either!