Here’s When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was At Her Prettiest, According To Koreans

And why they think so.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa seems to get more beautiful with every day that passes, and fans have taken notice! Recently, a hot topic online was Lisa’s gorgeous visuals at the CELINE Men’s Fashion Week held last year in Paris.

In particular, a feature of hers that stood out to many people was her beautiful, big eyes.

They even said that her eyes seemed to take up half of her face!

Others said that this was the prettiest they’ve ever seen her.

She easily stood out in a sea of people, her effortless and classic outfit complementing her natural makeup.

It’s not just her eyes, however. Her nose and mouth are also pretty, so it’s not surprising that the sum of her features is gorgeous.

If there were a human doll, Lisa would probably be it.

With her incredible beauty, it’s hard to look away from her!

Source: theqoo