BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Ready To Give The World To Jennie After Seeing Jennie Playfully Sulk, As Caught On Camera

The funniest thing about the whole moment was Jisoo and Rosé just stood by and watched them.

Contrary to her cool girl image, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is actually a softie at heart.

On the same train of thought, Lisa‘s image as a rapper with swag…

…is actually not her real-life personality, as she cutely turns into an adorable puddle of goo…

…every time Jennie shows off her cutest expression while pouting!

It all started during the group’s live broadcast to promote the music video of their song “How You Like That” for their comeback.

BLACKPINK’s unnieJisoo read a question to continue the members-interviewed-by-members process:

Which member’s scene are you most excited about from “How You Like That?” MV?

– Jisoo, reading a question from their interview

Before answering, the members all laughed to themselves and joked around that they would choose each one’s own scenes.

When the time to reveal their answers came, though, Jennie was a bit surprised to see that every member was chosen…except her.

Jennie chose Lisa’s scene.

Lisa chose Rosé‘s scene.

Rosé chose Jisoo’s scene.

And Jisoo chose Rosé’s scene as well.

Rosé and Jisoo joked around and said that every member’s scene was chosen, except for Jennie’s…

…so Jennie pouted playfully and Lisa immediately raised her hand and said:

No, we’ll try again.

– Lisa

Jennie continued to joke around and “stare off into the space”, until she came back to her senses again when Lisa lightly tapped her shoulder.

It’s okay, Jennie. Cheer up! Your BFF Lisa will always be there to take care of you, anyway, right?

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